Somatic Experiencing®

Somatic Experiencing®  (SE) does not focus on just experiencing a traumatizing experience, but primarily on restoring the body’s full, proper response to the experience. Therefore, the resolution of the trauma is carried out by gradually releasing the survival energy accumulated in the autonomic nervous system and completing the stopped stress reaction to the past situation, which leads to the regulation of the psychosomatic consequences of the trauma. Thus, it avoids retraumatisation (returning to unpleasant memories for the patient), focusing primarily on the subjective “here and now” subjective feelings flowing from the body.

The SE method has shown its high effectiveness in the case of problems related to excessive emotional reactions, hyperactivity, decrease or excessive sexual activity, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, reduced ability to deal with stress, inability to learn, to bond, anxiety, depression, sense of alienation, loss of life energy, insomnia, chronic pains, etc. 

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