I have a great job, a wonderful healthy child and a good relationship. And yet, when my daughter was a few months old, I stopped enjoying my life. I went on holiday to Tuscany, it was beautiful, yet I was tired, I could not rest, I burned out at work. I developed anxiety and depressive states. It lasted a long time. The doctors suggested taking psychotropic medications, but I was afraid it would be difficult for me to leave this path. When my child was almost three years old, I found out about Neuro House by a major coincidence. Here, I was able to breathe again, literally and metaphorically. Mrs Aneta Chochoł-Kiss, who conducted all my trainings with great attention and commitment, showed me the world of bio- and neurofeedback. I stopped producing black scenarios and managed to control tension headaches so far spoken of by the doctors as pains triggered by cervical spine impairment. At the moment, it takes me a few minutes to make the creeping discomfort disappear. I can’t describe everything, nobody will read it nor believe it, however thank you very much.

Aneta, architect 

I read about Neuro House on the forum for misophonic people and signed up for a visit, seeking help with hypersensitivity to sounds resulting in irritation, shallow sleep and racing thoughts upon waking up. Already in the first conversation I clearly realized how quick I get caught up with nervous vibes, how intense it feels and how once I’m in this state of mind, nothing can stop me. Within the diagnosis, various indicators provided a clear picture of fixated states of emotional arousal as well as psychophysiological tension. Paradoxically, it turned out that my body could not rest, and mere attempt to relax was a cause of stress itself. It was surprising to discover that all these reactions that I was not able to name or connect, indeed are in logical cause-and-effect relationships with each other and most importantly: they are measurable. Aneta clearly identified the problems, defined a goal and a strategy. The effects were visible after two sessions and my own work at home. There are no miracles, so if the therapy is to bring results, you have to exercise on your own. I have the recordings of all the techniques on the phone and I practice them every day. I got so used to the diaphragmatic breathing that I “turn it on” unconsciously during the day, sometimes even when there aren’t any stressful situations, just to relax. After 10 sessions, I can manage to sleep all night without the earplugs, although it still requires a lot of effort. I consider it a success to be able to pay only minimal attention to the background noises which used to drive me crazy. Not only did I become calmer, specific techniques also helped me to deal with everyday stress and to introduce a certain consistency in the exercises, which I always missed. For a task-oriented person like me, it was important to be able to do concrete work with my own body, get visible, measurable effects and set new goals. I recommend Neuro House to everyone – the sessions are pure pleasure, while Aneta is a perfectionist and a wonderful, warm and friendly person. Being a client, you are fully convinced that she is the right person in the right place and that she’s able to help. 


I learned about the Neurofeedback and Biofeedback method from my psychologist. Searching for information on the Internet, I came across Neurohouse and Aneta. It was like hitting a jackpot, or rather hitting hundred jackpots in a row 🙂 I signed up to get a diagnosis. The experience was very interesting. It incited my interest to the extent that I decided to take a training session. Warning, no lounging around here. The beginnings were very hard. Forcing concentration is really difficult if you struggle with racing thoughts, anxiety, depression. Brain waves are going crazy and you try to control them. However, after a few trainings, you start to feel … relaxation, relief, peace of mind, and this is just the beginning. And it only gets better: improved concentration, mental clarity, greater resistance to stress. Even my family noticed a change in my behaviour, which only confirmed my belief that this method really works. It improves the comfort of life. That is why I recommend it heartily! Aneta, thank you very much 🙂


I found great pleasure doing trainings with Aneta. When I started the training sessions I was going through a very difficult period in my life. These trainings brought me faith in my own abilities and helped to gain control over stressful situations and emotions. Already after first session I started feeling like I was feeling the ground under my feet. Aneta approaches each and every client as individual. Being an expert, she gives very precious tips and provides help in terms of how to work with the body. Aneta, you are a master trainer! I’ve found peace of mind. Thank you for help.

Tatyana, 42

After several sessions of biofeedback, as I was already skilled in controlling my breathing and benefiting from its power in reducing unnecessary emotions like stress, anxiety and pessimism etc., Aneta offered me to take Neurofeedback training. I agreed out of curiosity, not knowing what it was all about. It is a training which allows to develop concentration and awareness skills thanks to which we are able to work more efficiently than before. Already after the first training I felt surprisingly alive, as if my brain switched to a higher gear. With each training, the level of the tasks was growing. Thanks to these trainings I am able to concentrate whenever I want or when there is such need. I cherish this state of mind. I strongly recommend neurofeedback trainings especially for those who want to increase their efficiency and improve their concentration and memory.

Greetings, Isabella, 35

For a long time, I was looking for a way to get rid from anxiety and panic attacks that used to paralyze me. After a prolonged therapy, not knowing what to do to help me, my Psychologist told me about the neurofeedback method. Thanks to her, I found out about Aneta. My therapy was preceded by a very detailed diagnosis. For the first time in my life, I could see on a computer screen how my brain functioned, which brainwaves were fine and which required some work. Neurofeedback and Biofeedback training programs were designed to precisely respond to my needs. Today I am grateful to my psychologist who suggested where I could seek help – what she did was very honest and spared me the costs of continued psychotherapy and thanks to that I can function normally and enjoy life. Moreover, thanks to the trainings which are an amazing experience, I not only managed to get rid of fears but I also improved my concentration skills. 

Teresa, 52, accountant

I came to Neurohouse to get a diagnosis and find out the reasons behind chronic tiredness and concentration problems which were causing discomfort in my life. During a preliminary interview and during sessions, Aneta noticed many dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that I was not aware of. It was a great surprise to hear her diagnosis concerning my headaches – severe, lasting for many years and resistant to pharmacological treatment. The results of our work are noticeable in many aspects of my daily life. My concentration capacity improved, I notice that I’m absorbing new knowledge more easily and memorize it better, and above all, the quality of my sleep improved. Before, I was not aware how significant was the impact of physiology on the quality of our lives. The trainings helped me to learn how to control it to a large extent. Aneta had shown me that there is an answer in each of us, we only need to listen to our bodies.

Anna, 36, medical doctor

In daily life, I have been experiencing an immense pressure as well as intense stress in professional life. I am unable to cope with it.  I am not able to achieve stability in my private life either. Slowly yet steadily I started becoming aware, that I don’t quite have control of my life. I started escaping into addictions. Somebody recommended Aneta. It was a right choice! After a consultation, I received a detailed diagnosis of my stress level. I know what to do now and what to pay attention to. Aneta was very professional and explained everything and written down all recommendations and a plan for future development. I hope this will help me to effectively deal with stress in my daily life. I give my recommendation.  

Marek, 30

The diagnosis provided at the first visit proved very accurate and allowed me for setting a realistic goal. Moreover, the presentation of the technology on which the training is based, reassured me in a conviction that this method is scientific and measurable and that it will allow me to track my progress in the training. Highly recommended.

Peter, 37, manager

I was not completely convinced about the method applied by Aneta. It seemed to me that it exaggerates the importance of the breath. As if it was a cure-all. Back then I have not yet realized, how wrong I was. Within a short period of my life I went through several very stressful events. Unfortunately, it only reassured me that I had no control over them whatsoever. Neither I had control of how quick I tend to engage in such situations (often provocate them myself), nor control of my behaviour when somebody ‘provides’ me with stress, for example at work. I used to analyse these situations, to ruminate: “I hadn’t said the right thing”, “I got it wrong”, thinking how much I missed in a given situation and so on… I got completely overwhelmed with stress. I was fed up with myself! I called Aneta and signed up for a diagnosis. I am IMMENSLY surprised with the accuracy of the diagnosis and the effectiveness of the trainings which I do on a regular basis. I am very happy that the methods used during the trainings are easily applicable when I am on my own, at home. I feel safe knowing that I have mp3 recording of the exercises on my phone and I can regain balance, see things from a distance and tone down my emotions – within just 3 minutes. Thanks to Aneta my life begins to slow down again, I am able to enjoy small things which I had not even been noticing before. Aneta herself is a very warm person, radiating calmness, that you just soak in and which lasts even after the meeting with her. ☺ Heartily recommended. 

Isabela, 34
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