Is a completely non-invasive and side-effects-free method of modern medicine included in the list of international medical procedures. By bringing modification to brain waves and physiological parameters, a greater self-control on the levels of brain and physiology can be developed. This innovative method is used in working with stress, problems with concentration and memory. It also proves effective in work with chronic pain, anxiety, autism, Asparger’s Syndrome as well as in addictions and autoimmune diseases. The effectiveness of the method is estimated at 85-95% of cases depending on the complexity of the problem.

The goal of training is achieving more control over the functioning of the brain and physiological parameters, so that in a state of relaxation full concentration and focus can be maintained. Thanks to the neurofeedback and biofeedback methods, we create and consolidate the appropriate pattern of response – optimizing brain functions, eliminating e.g. stress as a cause of decreased efficiency.

How does a session look like? Using a specialized computer set with two monitors, an image of stimulated brain bioelectrical activity and physiological parameters (muscle tone, breath, pulse and skin conduction) is created, which allows for the feedback between mental state and neurophysiological activity of the client’s brain.

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