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Aneta Chochół-Kiss

Social Clinical Psychologist

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Neuro/biofeedback and Safe & Sound Protocol trainer

I am a certified Somatic Experiencing® (SE) practitioner, Neurofeedback, Biofeedback and Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) trainer, graduated in social clinical psychology.

I am passionate about the holistic perspective on the deficiencies of our organisms. I have always been interested in the biological mechanisms of human behaviour and have a deep understanding of neurophysiology and psychophysiology.

As part of my professional requirement I work under constant supervision.

I have created my own original method, combining – when possible – the use of neurofeedback / biofeedback, Somatic Experiencing® and Safe and Sound Protocol. My method provides a wide range of therapeutic applications and proves helpful in various dysfunctions.

Often, the reported problem shows only the tip of the iceberg – a client reports sleeplessness, however, during the diagnosis the problem turns out to be of a more complex nature, for example that of addiction. At the beginning of the therapeutic process, I always explain that the training is not a “wellness treatment” but a serious work which requires consistency. However, most importantly, this effort brings good, lasting results and ultimately gives a lot of pleasure and satisfaction with the changes.

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