In the case of concentration problems in children, we usually offer Neurofeedback training combined with several Biofeedback sessions. The use of such a training strategy gives very good results and brings relief from tension, which usually accompany different problems. There are many indications for Neurofeedback / Biofeedback therapy in children, including concentration problems, ADHD, learning problems, sleep problems, hyperactivity, stupor, anxiety problems, compulsiveness / addiction (e.g. from the Internet, games, sweets and more), sleep disorders, Asperger syndrome, autism. In addition, separate relaxation sessions for children are conducted based exclusively on the Biofeedback method.

In neurofeedback trainings, a child looks at a screen trying to mentally control the images while the electrodes for recording brain waves are attached to the head and ears. In such way children can learn to self-regulate: to control their physiological responses under stressful conditions and in daily life; and to swiftly move in and out of states of relaxation and alertness.

Biofeedback training helps to increase awareness and the ability to regulate physiological processes by using signals from the client’s own body (by the use of sensors placed on the body to track the physiology). Biofeedback is used to improve health by controlling the body’s processes, which usually take place without our will, such as: breathing, heart rate, body temperature, muscle tone, dermal skin reaction. During these sessions, children learn to control and consolidate their reactions and acquire relaxation skills.

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